Folly's Bullmastiffs
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Her Majesty's Kindhearted Folly
(CHIC #145542)
Liz was born April 17, 2017 and was the Pick Me Girl, from the very beginning.   Out of seven pups in the Vogue litter, Liz would sit in the middle of the fray, wait until she was sure you were looking at her and then wave her left paw in the air.  Her constant waving mimiced her namesake, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Liz is a dynamic dog.  Her personality still demands that you pay attention to her.  She is short backed, very square, and built with massive muscles. She truly powers through everything and sometimes, everyone.  Her first time out as a show dog, Liz was spooked by the loudspeaker directly behind her with the opening chords of the national anthem.  She came back the next day, and recovered enough to get through the ring and exam.   Since she doesn't love the show ring, I haven't pushed her.  She has accumulated all of her majors and is four single points shy of finishing.  Chances are she'll ride along with her cousin Broch and we will see what the summer brings for her.

COVID came into play and Liz did not get to ride along with her cousin.  She did however get to have a wonderful litter of puppies!
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