Folly's Bullmastiffs
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GCH CH Sabrina's Celtic River Folly CGC

Sabrina is part of the Charlie's Angels litter born  to Theo and Bosco.  Born March 8, 2017 she is kept her litter name and we found her historical name in Geoffrey of Monmouth's tale of three sisters seeking the best way to the sea.  The first headed direct to the sea, the second took the scenic route and the third, Sabrina chose to stay close to the cities and people, becoming the river Severn.  Sabrina and her two sisters shared many personality traits with the three water nymphs.

As an adult Sabrina is true of heart and an absolute joy to spend time with.  She patiently waited her turn to show and finished her championship in short work.  She is the first Folly's dog to achieve her Grand Championship solely at the end of my lead and the fourth to bring home a Bred by Exhibtor medallion from the AKC.  Sabrina is square, short backed, heavy boned; with a beautiful head, and wide, level bite.  She is a treat to move around the ring, moving effortlessly and in perfect sync with her brother Bosley.  The two were awarded second place ribbons at the ABA Nationals of 2018 and 2019 in Brace.

Sabrina has several breed wins defeating a nice assortment of boys, including both of her brothers!  Additionally, Sabrina has several Owner Handle group placements.  Sabrina continues to dabble in the ring and is looking forward to a planned breeding in the spring of 2020.