Folly's Bullmastiffs
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GCH CH St Ella Noir of Aquitaines Folly
​Stella was born June 20, 2011.  She is named for Eleanor of Aquitaine, who we think was a pretty remarkable woman.

She came to us from a breeder in the Akron area.  She is sweet and gentle.  Stella stands at 24" and weighs 118 pounds.  She is very square has great bone and nice moderate angles.  Her feet are cat tight and her bite is spot on.  While this is all great, it is her movement that really shines!  When walking in the snow you can see that she single tracks.  In the ring, she rolls like a drop of water.

Stella's show career was put on hold in July of 2013 when she gave birth to 13 amazing puppies, affectionately known as the Peanuts Gang.  After her stint as mom of the century (let me tell you, I have new respect for this girl after watching her take care of those babies), Stella returned to the ring in November, just three and a half months after her c-section, to take a 3 point major and finish her Championship in Columbus, Ohio.  There were champage corks popping that day!

After a stab at retirement, it turns out that Stella didn't like being left behind while the rest of the family headed to the show ring.  So, she took a few more laps around the ring and added Grand Champion to her name.  At the 2015 American Bullmastiff Association Stella was awarded fourth place in the Brood Bitch class from an entry of eight.  Now, it truly is her time to enjoy lazy days walking around the property, sunbathing, futon lounging, and setting her grandchildren and great grandchildren straight on proper bullmastiff manners.